Yet another revolutionizing brainchild of millennial entrepreneur and cultural thought leader Sophia Amoruso, Business Class was founded on the refreshing idea that budding entrepreneurs can turn their creative studio or e-commerce ambitions into profitable businesses with a self-built education, inspired by the methods and teachings of both Amoruso and highly successful startups—no MBAs or massive piles of dough necessary. Embracing a clever extended metaphor rooted in aviation, the accessible learning platform turned to The Outset to craft a unique space for Business Class to occupy: an immersive, creative word that would envelop all students in a fun and playfully irreverent learning environment, whether they’re studying up online or seeking to enhance their coursework with branded products IRL.

Visual identity, course design, web design, app design, swag + collateral design, content concepting, art direction for production, and lifestyle imagery + production for Sophia Amoruso’s new online business education platform.