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Relaunch Campaign Production

Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Ali Mejias and Mariela Rovito, Eberjey has paved the way for today’s intimate loungewear and sleepwear brands. To mark an exciting milestone, their 25th anniversary, the brand tapped The Outset team for a visual and tonal refresh that would usher them into a new era. 

From strategy and visual identity, to web design and launch campaign production, our creative team uncovered the Eberjey’s next evolution. This refreshed identity celebrates the brand’s iconic past as well as their bright future with an authentic voice and modern-yet-timeless visual language, all with an emphasis on the magic of soft details and the joy of our indoor lives. Our art directors conceptualized a timeless new photography style, focusing on softness, intimate details, human connection, and natural light to convey the feeling of wearing Eberjey — an effortless embrace of the softer side of life. 

Our design team worked closely with Eberjey to bring the new vision to life. A brand-new website showcases the enhanced visual identity, voice, and lifestyle and product imagery. The signature hand feel of Eberjey comes alive in a multidisciplinary fashion. Warm, vibrant hues combine with soulful imagery; and a refined logo evokes of a space of one’s own. As humanity slowly emerges from the pandemic, the simple pleasures Eberjey promotes are a reminder of what was discovered—the silver linings to be preserved—and an invitation to be eternally inspired by natural wonders, artful forms, and beautiful things.