Latitude is on a mission to create a new future for the diamond industry. Dedicated to transparency, equality and beauty, the company supplies high-quality, lab-grown diamonds sustainably and conflict-free. Fully onboard with these company values, The Outset was ecstatic when Latitude’s chief marketing officer approached us to recreate their brand to reflect their values of LGBTQ+ inclusion, innovation, and social responsibility.

From copy and tone, to visual identity, web design, web development, and launch campaign production, our creative team hunkered down at square one to shape Latitude into a meaningful brand ready to make a change in its uniquely challenged industry. We also conceptualized a new name for the brand, abandoning its former WD Lab Grown Diamonds title. Equipping the company with an emotionally driven brand voice and a new, spirited manifesto, we also constructed its timeless art direction, featuring cinematic yet scientifically innovative imagery.

Our web team additionally conceptualized and executed a new website for Latitude that was aligned with its fresh visual identity. Personifying genuine soulfulness, inclusivity, and passion in an industry where such characteristics are lacking, the brand’s modernized aesthetic, evocative name, and genuine tone of voice is sure to prove Latitude as a disruptor in its sector.

Naming, visual identity, copy + tone, web design + development, and launch campaign production for sustainably-minded, conflict-free lab-grown diamond manufacturers.