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Oishii (Japanese for “delicious”) believes eating fruit should be a luxury experience of exceptional freshness and taste. That’s why CEO Hiroki Koga combines time-tested Japanese cultivation techniques with cutting-edge indoor vertical farming technology to deliver “the happiest strawberries you can find on this planet.” Determined to share Oishii’s Omakase berry with those outside of the fine dining community, Koga entrusted The Outset to develop and conceptualize the brand’s identity into one that would appeal to both the ‘designer’ strawberry’s cult-like culinary following and curious foodies across the U.S.

From ideating its brand strategy to inventing all visual elements of creative direction, our team carefully tailored Oishii’s new brand identity and messaging to embody the intrigue and artistry of the Omakase berry. The result? A new world for the brand to live in: one that refreshingly embodies an essence of luxury, fashion, and high-end retail, rather than tech and agriculture.