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Oishii (Japanese for “delicious”) is a visionary farming company that believes that more than basic nutrients, we deserve an eye-opening experience of delicious flavors, vibrant colors, and exceptional freshness from our produce. Through time-tested Japanese cultivation techniques and cutting-edge indoor vertical farming technology, Oishii cultivates the most exceptional strawberries in the world. 

As Oishii prepared to launch in the US, they tapped Outset to redevelop their identity— strategically and visually. We worked with CEO Hiroki Koga to create a brand that would appeal to both culinary professionals and avid foodies. From reconceptualizing Oishii’s brand strategy to creating all visual elements and brand touch points, we carefully tailored the new brand identity and messaging to embody the unique intrigue of the Omakase berry. The new Oishii refreshingly highlights an essence of luxury, fashion, and high-end retail, rather than tech and agriculture.