Identity Design
Art Direction

Openfit is a streaming platform that explores innumerable aspects of fitness, wellness and nutrition—where the pursuit of health is about more than the finish line and physical result. It’s about finding joy in small moments, and confidence in the big ones.

Beachbody enlisted Outset as their chosen partner in bringing to life an entirely new brand which would live under their formidable master brand strategy. Working alongside the founder Jon Congdon from the very outset, we ideated the name ‘openfit’ which we felt lived up to the mission of this initiative which was to liberate people as they developed new and better health and fitness habits. From Openfit’s brand strategy to dreaming up all of the brand touch points (wordmark, icon, packaging, web, mobile, social, illustrative systems etc), we carefully aligned the new brand identity and messaging to embody the “why” of Openfit — living your best life—in health and beyond.