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There’s a sparkle in everything Paris does, and her future brand goes beyond diamonds, sequins, and fantasy worlds to shine in a new light. Iconic entrepreneur Paris Hilton enlisted The Outset to usher in a new chapter for her global brand. One that would encompass a brand new media brand, all of her global products across categories and a content rich site for fans all over the world.

Working meticulously to craft each and every touch point of this new chapter, The Outset team ideated a new logo, wordmark and identity system that would play out in hues that speak to Paris’ iconic taste. Paris’ bright light is evident through all aspects of the design system—radiant and refractive pieces of light that illuminate a room like a disco ball. It’s the subtle brilliance of a pearl, shifting in colors, ever-evolving, raw and resilient. It’s the golden glow on your bedroom wall as the sun sets. More than just beauty, it’s a feeling—of kindness, of warmth, of grace. A feeling reflected in our products, photography, and philanthropy.

This shine doesn’t flicker or fade like a light switch. This shine says, “it took me a long time to get here, but now I’m here to stay.”