Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life simply gets in the way of eating healthfully and with intent. That’s why Josh Hix, the founder of the wildly successful meal kit company Plated (later acquired by nationwide supermarket chain Albertsons) co-created Season, a new, inventive lifestyle app that replaces outdated methods of manual meal planning and food tracking with on-demand food options that match its users’ unique dietary needs. Existing as the bridge between registered dietitians and their health-conscious clients looking to make smart yet pressure-free decisions, Season takes the guesswork and stress out of dining. And The Outset was beyond excited to work alongside the app’s founders to build the revolutionizing brand from the ground up.

With a vision of using technology to close the gap between healthy-eating goals and real-time access to takeout, delivery, and meal planning inspiration, Hix entrusted our team to research and develop an inclusive brand strategy for Season. We also established a thematically relevant brand name inspired by the app’s always-fresh options. Spearheading the conceptualization of the brand’s approachable visual identity, we gave Season a lush aesthetic that explores the four seasons through a playful lens. From typography to photography and diverse talent, the brand now welcomes users to embrace the joy of food again.

Consumer research and insight study, brand strategy, naming, visual identity design and art direction for wellness + nutrition guidance app.