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Tiny Organics has gained notoriety for being pioneers in their mission to help shape the palates of a generation to prefer and love vegetables from those earliest days. Building upon Tiny Organics core values — delivering nourishing plant-based foods, offering exposure to a variety of flavors, educating around the benefits of baby-led weaning — Tiny Beginnings was born out of an understanding of parents’ needs and pain points with introducing solids.

With a new product offering, Outset was entrusted to create a campaign that would tell the story of how Tiny Beginnings supports parents and kids in this unique window of time in a lighthearted, informative and approachable way. By weaving together education and the joy found in our favorite foods, we uncovered a narrative that encourages parents to make the most of this special stage and inspire a lifetime of healthy eating habits, aptly deemed “The Flavor Window.”

Our team brought this campaign to life with a playful, holistic illustration library, considered social media and ad designs, and educational and empathetic storytelling. By pairing a playful color palette alongside thoughtful copywriting, our team gave Tiny Beginnings its own bold and bright foundation to build upon.