Campaign Concepts
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Supplement Launch Campaign
Commercial Video Production

Longtime friends and collaborators of The Outset, founders Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant hired The Outset to partner with their Australian team on Wanderlust’s first foray into products. The nourishing range of nutritional supplements was set to launch in a test market of Australia, before going forth with a global roll-out. 

Our ongoing collaboration spans ideation and execution. For their initial launch, we developed a compelling strategy and collection of creative concepts to introduce their new product line to the Australian market. Leaning into a powerful idea, “The Wisdom of Nature and the Nature of Wisdom” we drew parallels between the grounding nature of connecting to the Earth with the rhythm afforded by a healthy, mindful lifestyle. We embraced Wanderlust’s earth-toned color palette and the boundless scenery of their native environment to create a campaign that conveys healing, energy, balance, and physical transformation. 

The production itself presented us with a unique opportunity to oversee the entire multi-day shoot from afar, as COVID lockdowns prevented the team from traveling to Australia. 

We began the production process on a mission to rewrite the script of how so many wellness stories are told. This shift was intended to emphasize the First Nations Australian heritage and rich wisdom that contains the knowledge of nature’s most profound healing powers. By highlighting two prominent First Nations voices, we hoped to tell the unique stories of both Adam and Billie-Jean’s relationship to health and the land. The results are a breathtaking collage of Australia’s expansive beauty. Through video, still life, and lifestyle photography, we showcased real, natural, grounded moments that highlight the unique needs these products answer.