Visual Identity
Art Direction
Copy + Tone
Web Design

The founders of Your Super believe deeply in the medicinal power of plants, having experienced first hand the healing benefits. They created a nourishing line-up of plant-based superfood smoothie powders as a result, attracting an instant following. They needed a vibrant visual identity to reflect their brand’s mission: to give people healthier, happier lives through plant-based supplements.

They tapped Outset with the task. We led an entire refresh of the brand, beginning with an in-depth strategy that informed everything from web and social, to packaging and copy. We built a cohesive, color-coded world that made Your Super a standout on the crowded supplement shelves. Every element embodied open-heartedness and ‘high on life’ goodness. The visual system made it simple for consumers to understand the lasting benefits of these potent supplements, and navigate the line with ease. Your Super quickly became a cult favorite with mass appeal.