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Full Client List

Business Class -
Visual identity, course design, web design, app design, swag + collateral design, content concepting, art direction for production, and lifestyle imagery + production for Sophia Amoruso’s new online business education platform.

Yet another revolutionizing brainchild of millennial entrepreneur and cultural thought leader Sophia Amoruso, Business Class was founded on the refreshing idea that budding entrepreneurs can turn their creative studio or e-commerce ambitions into profitable businesses with a self-built education, inspired by the methods and teachings of both Amoruso and highly successful startups—no MBAs or massive piles of dough necessary. Embracing a clever extended metaphor rooted in aviation, the accessible learning platform turned to The Outset to craft a unique space for Business Class to occupy: an immersive, creative word that would envelop all students in a fun and playfully irreverent learning environment, whether they’re studying up online or seeking to enhance their coursework with branded products IRL.
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Hello.Me -
Brand strategy, brand identity, and digital design for the wellness company focused on millennial women.

Founded by Wall Street veteran Julie McClure and naturopathic doctor Elizabeth Goldspink, Hello.Me debuted in 2018 with Top Up Tonic: a daily supplement for women on hormonal contraceptives. The founders tapped the Outset to express Hello.Me’s mission: to help women optimize their hormonal balance, allowing them to look and feel their best. With innovative new formulas in development, we are at work on refreshing elements ranging from visual identity and brand voice to website design and packaging.
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Daily Harvest -
Brand strategy, brand identity, packaging design, digital design, and campaigns for the superfoods-on-demand service.

With ready-in-minutes foods rich in organic fruits and vegetables, Daily Harvest makes healthy eating more enjoyable and accessible. The Outset partnered with founder Rachel Drori to shape, refine, and realize her vision for disrupting the food industry, starting with Instagram-worthy smoothies. From ideation to launch and beyond, we articulated the fundamentally fresh identity of Daily Harvest across every touchpoint, helping the brand to build a nationwide following. Our work included e-commerce experience development, packaging design, social media content, photography and brand films.
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Marie Kondo -
Brand strategy, brand identity, digital design, and e-commerce launch for Marie Kondo’s global media empire.

Rooted in bestselling author Marie Kondo’s revolutionary method, KonMari helps people around the world to tidy their spaces by choosing joy. The Outset has been a trusted partner from day one, working closely with Marie and her team to set and execute strategy, define the look and feel of KonMari, create inspiring content, and support initiatives ranging from a Netflix series to the launch of an online store offering more than 150 joy-sparking products. Our ongoing relationship includes aiding in the development of new product lines, books, events, and the highly anticipated second season of Marie’s Netflix show.
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True Botanicals -
Brand strategy, brand voice, creative direction, and campaigns for the truly transformative beauty company.

True Botanicals is giving the beauty industry a makeover with pure, potent, and proven formulas. Working with founder and CEO Hillary Peterson, the Outset has elevated and refined the identity of the brand and content across digital channels. We developed and produced campaigns for product launches and evergreen initiatives such as the Band of Activists, which spotlights extraordinary women such as Olivia Wilde and Laura Dern. Our work with True Botanicals also includes the collaboration on influencer programs, brand activations and events.
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Sophia Amoruso -
Visual identity, lifestyle imagery + production, and web design for serial entrepreneur, thought leader and NYT Bestselling Author Sophia Amoruso.

Amoruso has done it all. First, she founded millennial-coveted fashion retailer Nasty Gal, which went on to be named one of "the fastest growing companies" by Inc. Magazine in 2012; then, she galvanized a generation of young women into taking charge of their brightest ambitions with her bestselling autobiography, #GIRLBOSS, and a feminist media platform of the same title (and Netflix series) to match. Indeed, a truly authentic mover and shaker, Amoruso is always conceptualizing new visions—and her latest was a collaboration with The Outset to reinvigorate her personal brand with an identity reflective of not only her past achievements, but future endeavors. With the visual personas of her most acclaimed undertakings in mind, we worked to reinvent and enhance her digital aesthetic with upgraded web design and renewed, contemporary lifestyle imagery, both pursuits lending themselves to a balanced atmosphere of femininity and minimalism.
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Sakara -
Brand strategy and creative collaboration for the healthy living company that celebrates eating clean and playing dirty.

On a mission to help people live their best lives through the power of food as medicine, Sakara delivers plant-rich meals, snacks, and supplements to homes nationwide. We worked with founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise from the brand's earliest days—when the passionate founders made every delivery themselves, via bicycle. An initial brand strategy and advisory role evolved into ongoing support for diverse projects ranging from campaign concepting and product launches to art direction and event production. Having grown to more than 100 employees and established partnerships with the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora, Sakara is a powerful example of our philosophy that if you dream big at the beginning, anything is possible.
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Rae -
Brand strategy, brand identity, creative direction, and packaging for the wellness company that helps women shine from the inside out.

Fueled by ingredients that support a woman’s well-being, Rae is a game-changing collection of daily supplements that are pure, powerful, and affordable. Founders Angela Tebbe and Eric Carl tapped the Outset to bring their concept to life. To create a bright spot in the increasingly crowded wellness space, we worked closely with the founders on elements ranging from naming and visual identity to brand voice and packaging, all culminating in the successful September 2019 launch of a 20-product debut range spanning the beauty, health, and hormonal categories.
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Avaline -
Launch campaign concept and production, produced e-comm + lifestyle imagery and content for Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power’s clean wine brand, Avaline.

Actress Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, founder of Clique Media (Who What Wear, My Domaine, Byrdie) and skin care brand Versed, came together to reinvent the often chemical-laden processes of winemaking, and craft a clean, natural product. They recruited Outset to translate their business vision into an iconic launch campaign and visual narrative. We conceptualized and led production, creating alluring, ethereal imagery and content to live across their e-comm site and social channels. The campaign celebrated Avaline as a brand built for modern women living whole, healthy, and confident lives — intentional and unrestricted.
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Bubble -
Brand strategy for the online healthy-food marketplace with a cult following.

On a mission to create a paradise of healthy foods, Bubble brings together the world’s most innovative, energizing, and tasty snacks. The Outset served as a strategic partner from ideation through seed funding, supporting founder Jessica Young, a Michelin-trained chef, in her quest to make nutritious foods more accessible. Ongoing work in 2020 will be focused on refreshing Bubble’s logo, packaging, website, photography, and content across all touchpoints.

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Dada Daily -
Brand strategy, brand identity, and digital design for the rule-breaking maker of mindful snacks and absurdist tableware.

Inspired by the Dada art movement, Dada Daily infuses delicious decadence into snacking and entertaining. The Outset was enlisted by founder Claire Olshan to develop the disruptive concept and irreverent creative direction for snacks that transform mindless munching into a healthy and artful event. Informed by historical research into Dadaism, the Outset brought Dada Daily to life through maximalist design elements, memorable packaging, and a website offering guilt-free indulgences.
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The Bar Method -
Brand strategy, brand identity, and creative direction for the barre-based fitness leader.

Blending the practice of dance conditioning, the science of physical therapy, and the pace of interval training, the Bar Method is a body-sculpting workout with more than 115 studios throughout North America. The Outset was recruited to refresh and reveal the essence of the Bar Method, distinguishing it within a rapidly expanding category. Drawing upon founder Burr Leonard’s focus on imparting physical, mental, and emotional strength, we crafted a poised yet powerful identity that transcends fitness tropes to blend grit with a signature sense of grace. Our visual assets continue to roll out as each franchise adopts the updated identity.
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Every Mother -
Brand strategy, brand identity, creative direction, and content production for a new kind of motherhood movement.

Grounded in an evidence-based method to strengthen the body during pregnancy and restore core strength after birth, Every Mother helps women at every stage of motherhood to achieve their health and fitness goals. The Outset worked closely with founder Leah Keller to transform her renowned exercise program into a global movement. From creating a distinctive visual identity to producing and shooting more than 1,000 videos in preparation for a successful app launch, we developed imagery and design elements that evoke meaningful connection and the eternal emotion of motherly love.
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Girlgaze -
Strategic support for the disruptive platform that shines a light on up-and-coming female creators.

With a community of more than 250,000 creatives, Girlgaze is working to close the gender gap by connecting female and non-binary creatives with job opportunities across industries. Acting as a trusted advisor to visionary founder Amanda de Cadenet, the Girlgaze mission was to transform what began as an Instagram hashtag (#girlgaze) into a thriving global network for Gen Z and millennial talent. From support in the earliest ideation phases through fundraising to launch, the Girlgaze mission of bringing visibility to those who are destined to shape the future of our world through content that mobilizes, engages, and inspires is very close to our own. The Girlgaze Network of talented content creators are trusted collaborators for the Outset’s client list.
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Pratima -
Brand identity, creative direction, packaging, and content production for the cult beauty line that combines ancient wisdom with modern science.

A pioneer of Ayurvedic skincare, Pratima Raichur draws upon her knowledge of botany, chemistry, nutrition, and more to create organic formulas that are profoundly nourishing and deeply restorative. The Outset is working closely with this seasoned entrepreneur to refresh and refine her beloved Pratima line through a robust e-commerce experience and reimagined packaging. To bring the creative concept to life while highlighting the notion of balance that is at the heart of the company, the launch strategy encompasses complementary shoots in Pratima’s native India and in New York City, where she has lived for more than forty years.

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Commune -
Brand identity and creative direction for the online education platform dedicated to personal and societal well-being.

With a faculty that includes Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, and Marianne Williamson, Commune is building a global wellness community through inspiring and instructive video courses, podcasts, and events. The Outset has worked closely with founders Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant from the beginning, shaping the look and feel of Commune. From beautifully illuminated visuals to distinctive iconography, each element is grounded in the concepts of health, growth, and impact.
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mindbodygreen -
Campaign concept development and production for the media company connecting soul and science.

Supported by a vibrant community, mindbodygreen explores myriad aspects of wellness—mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental—to guide people toward lives of greater meaning, connection, fulfillment, and purpose. Founders Jason and Colleen Wachob tapped the Outset to develop a narrative framework and campaign concepts for the launch of mindbodygreen’s first line of products.
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Oishii Berry -
Brand strategy, visual identity design, logo design copy + tone, and e-comm + lifestyle imagery/production for visionary agriculture company crafting the world’s first and finest vertically farmed Japanese strawberry.

Oishii (Japanese for “delicious”) believes eating fruit should be a luxury experience of exceptional freshness and taste. That’s why CEO Hiroki Koga combines time-tested Japanese cultivation techniques with cutting-edge indoor vertical farming technology to deliver “the happiest strawberries you can find on this planet.” Determined to share Oishii’s Omakase berry with those outside of the fine dining community, Koga entrusted The Outset to develop and conceptualize the brand’s identity into one that would appeal to both the ‘designer’ strawberry’s cult-like culinary following and curious foodies across the U.S.

From ideating its brand strategy to inventing all visual elements of creative direction, our team carefully tailored Oishii’s new brand identity and messaging to embody the intrigue and artistry of the Omakase berry. The result? A new world for the brand to live in: one that refreshingly embodies an essence of luxury, fashion, and high-end retail, rather than tech and agriculture.
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Well+Good -
Brand strategy, brand identity, creative direction, and digital design for the wellness media powerhouse.

Trusted, influential, and trend-setting, Well+Good defines and demystifies wellness for a growing global community. We began collaborating with founders Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue in the early days of the brand’s launch. Acting as a trusted creative confidante and collaborator, we supported the founders as they honed their vision for the publication devoted to the wellness scene bringing to life a refreshed visual identity and redesigned website. The longstanding partnership has brought about opportunities to collaborate on a broad range of design projects, events, and productions including a video series starring Lena Dunham as well as support for the launch of the Well+Good Cookbook.
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Ivory Ella -
Brand strategy, visual identity, and production for the apparel company on a mission to save the world’s elephants.

Offering endless variations on its preppy pachyderm logo, Ivory Ella offers “good clothes for a good cause,” donating 10% of its profits to Save the Elephants and other nonprofit organizations. CEO Cathy Quain turned to the Outset as she began guiding the company into its next chapter. Having developed a strong foundation of strategic insights, we are focused on refreshing Ivory Ella’s identity and visual system, including an overhaul of the website, customer communications, and digital campaigns. We are especially excited about an upcoming photo shoot in Kenya that will express the company’s mission in collaboration with Gen Z female creatives.
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Nurish  -
Image conceptualization for launch, campaign production, and content creation for social and website for the innovative vitamin and supplement company.

Brought to you by the minds behind Nature Made, Nurish takes a fresh approach to vitamins and supplements. Personalized packets are geared toward individual nutritional needs and wellness goals, all while adhering to the highest quality manufacturing standards.

Nurish tapped Outset to conceptualize and lead their launch campaign and e-commerce experience. Our goal was to present Nurish as a modern, clean, and inviting sister brand to the highly established Nature Made. We directed the lifestyle shoot and oversaw all aspects of production, which included developing content for their social outlets and website.

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All Places -
Naming, visual identity, brand voice creation, web design + development, and lifestyle imagery + production for the business and legal strategy firm for women, by women.

In pursuit of creating an equitable world for every businesswoman, All Places is a guiding hand for women entrepreneurs. Walking their clients through every stage of development, the pioneering powerhouse is for hustlers and visionaries—and needed a fresh, inclusive identity embodying that drive. From name to brand voice and a multidimensional visual narrative, we translated All Places’ bold and intentional energy into a reality, commanding web design and development, along with the production of empowering, femininity-focused lifestyle imagery that aptly complemented Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s wise words: “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.”
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